Lyrics © by huma, 2010


Visitors in darkest Nights – Digging in my deepest Ground
Quench my Powers, kill my Lights – Hellish torment starts to pound
Either Angels or Demons – Or both of them, I do not care
Coming alive, arise from Dreams – Changing my life into despair

The Tormentor of forgotten Times – Claiming for Justice, urging to end
I have to pay for former Crimes – But that’s ok, now he’s my friend
I said the words, that shouldn‘t be said – Behind the fassade, I‘m so afraid
I see it clear, what shouldn‘t be done – But the end is near, and it feels so wrong

Things were done, I cannot change
When times were young, now out of range

And then a light inside of me – Starts to burn, sets something free
My wish to end all of this pain – Is vanishing, I feel free again
Free. So free.

It almost killed my, but the struggle is over – The demons are beaten, gone forever
What happens now in my life – It‘s up to me and it feels so right!

Things were done – I cannot change
When times were young – now out of range
But now there’s hope – My way seems clear
Walk on this Road – Relief is near
It‘s near!